Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

To empower women so that they contribute to positive and healthy living of the Children with vulnerability through involvement in Health, Water and Sanitation programmes.

Tailoring Class

Start up kits for tailoring Class so that the trainees can start up after the completion of the training. They were handed to the benefiniaries.

women and girls skills training

With supplementary income to our family, children going to schools progressing good in studies and women and girls skills training in tailoring and soaping will reduce on violence in our families.

Women in Leadership

As we celebrate the IWD with the team "Women in Leadership", WFC is proud to be part of the institution that is empowering Women to become great leaders in our community. We should continue to empower Women and make them great and better leaders. WFC beliefs in Women empowerment and Together we shall achieve that. Happy International Women's day to all the great woman out there

soaping will reduce on violence in our families.

Women for Change, South Sudan women and girls(beneficiaries) ready and in a prepared way dived into soap making and they have walked through the science, safety, ingredients, and process of making soap. They're doing well so far