Coordination and Clusters Members

Women for Change (WFC) co lead the GBV Sub cluster for Warrap State.

The Gender-Based Violence Sub-Cluster (GBV SC) is a working group under the Protection Cluster that coordinates GBV prevention and response activities for the humanitarian response in South Sudan. The GBV SC is Chaired by UNFPA and Co-chaired by an INGO partner (IRC) on a rotational basis. GBV programming in humanitarian emergencies is multi-sectoral, involving multiple organizations and actors from the displaced and host communities, NGO and government implementing partners, UN agencies, and other national and international organizations to engage in comprehensive prevention and response initiatives.

The GBV AoR Strategy (2021-25):

The GBV AoR Strategy (2021-25) includes a specific focus on supporting the leadership of local actors including women-led organisations (WLOs) and women’s rights organisations (WROs). The GBV AoR also follows the recent IASC Guidance on Strengthening Participation, Representation and Leadership of Local and National Actors in IASC Humanitarian Coordination Mechanisms, to strengthen and formalize the meaningful participation of local actors. The GBV AoR, with funding from the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance, has partnered with Trócaire to support Women-Led Organisations to co-lead GBV sub-cluster mechanisms in humanitarian contexts. Trócaire and the GBV AoR have made specific commitments under the Call to Action on Protection from Gender Based Violence in Emergencies to increasingly support Women-Led Organisations to co-lead GBV sub-cluster coordination mechanisms. The GBV Sub-Cluster in South Sudan plays a leading role in supporting the co-leadership of local organisations and particularly Women Led Organisations.

Based on the above brief Background, Women for Change-WFC, South Sudan as a woman led organisation operating and registered in South Sudan with GBV programing was selected as the Women led organisation to co-lead the GBV Sub cluster for Warrap State together with TOCH.

      WFC is the member of International Women Peace Group (IWPG), Education Cluster, GBV cluster, FSL cluster, Technical Vocation Education Training (TVET) Committee, WASH Cluster, gender Thematic working group, START network, Alliance for Empowering partnership (A4EP), South Sudan Women Led Organization Pool (SSWLOP), Women in Africa Initiative (WIA54), South Sudan Non-Governmental Organizations Forum (SSNGO Forum)

Women Empowerment

To empower women so that they contribute to positive and healthy living of the Children with vulnerability through involvement in Health, Water and Sanitation programmes.

Women/Children Rights

To advocate and Stand for Women/children rights thereby facilitate their full access to basic and fundamental social needs justified by national and international legislations in areas of human development and Children Rights.

Livelihood and Food Security

To mobilise and make Youths and women’s in social-economic development through engagement them in Livelihood (Agriculture, Small business, vocational etc), Health and HIV, Water and Sanitation.